Fintech & Wine: Centralized vs Decentralized Banking

Decentralized ledgers, blockchain & Hyperledger


On Thursday 22, Angel Hernández Bravo, IBM CTO Security,Defense & Blockchain (Europe), will be answering all our questions about how IBM is forseeing the use of the Blockchain, and Hyperledger, in the next year. Everything that can be decentrilzed will be decentrilzed. Or not?



The idea of decentralized banking services is not unique. In the early days of trading, people transacted directly without middlemen. Bakers bought wheat from farmers; cobblers bought leather from herders. As communities and distances between them grew, producers and manufacturers began to transact through middlemen and used centralized market places where producers and consumers were aggregated for efficiency. By doing so, producers could access more consumers, and consumers could access more producers.In todays world new technology such as the Internet has made it easier for consumers to gain direct access the producers.

Fintech & Wine events will be an informal events where our special guest will expose the topic through a thirty minutes talk, then all the assistants can join us in a Q&A session to debate around the mobile payments future. To close the evening, all the assistants could enjoy a nice networking drinking a glass of wine.The event will be very reduced, we will invite 13 influential people one by one. The other 13 will be part of our Fintech Barcelona Community. We believe in smaller but more qualitative events to make it easier to talk to everyone and meet really interesting people.

Join us!

When: 22nd September

Where: El Petit Celler

RSVP: ask for a seat 



Twenty years working in the field, in two cities, Manresa and Barcelona. 

El Petit Celler is a wine shop with a wide selection of products , service, and especially know-how, thus is what you will find when you come to their stores. Their wine shops have more than a thousand wines, liqueurs and spirits from around the world, and a  delicatessen products space.

Get directions: Petit Celler


Castle Encus mission is to obtain high quality wines. So they have planted 23 of the 95ha in the property in high density with varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Merlot, Pinot Noir, Syrah, Petit Verdot, Sauvignon Blanc, Riesling, Semillon and Albariño. Harvesting is done manually and in small boxes of 10kg only with grapes grown in the estate. The wine is fermented in different materials: wooden vats, stainless steel vats and natural stone. With these three materials wines get very different tones and shades and a great aromatic complexity.

Because of its medieval aspect, the farm has a large number of fermenting vats carved in the stone that work by gravity. After passing a few initial tests they are being reused for fermentation of an important part of our both white and red wines.


Handpicked harvest with small cases of 10 kg from grapes exclusively from our estate. The wine was fermented in stone vats and has made its malolactic fermentation in barrel.

Varieties: Cabernet Sauvignon, Cabernet Franc, Petit Verdot , Merlot

On the view – red cherry
On the nose – complex and intense with certain floral notes of black fruit (blackberry) and thyme with slight hints of vanilla
In the mouth – silky nerve at the entrance. Fresh and spicy (clove and pepper) at the end
Aftertaste – Vivid, lively acidity and long