Fintech Barcelona Meetups


Connecting the Fintech world in Barcelona

Fintech Barcelona meetup are a series of meetups where entrepreneurs and corporate meet to discuss new technologies around the financial sector.

These meetup is for financial services professionals, entrepreneurs, developers, investors and anyone with a desire to get involved in the financial services renaissance. Big things are happening and big money is moving towards innovation. Join the pioneers that are making it happen. You can expect drinks, a casual atmosphere and interesting discussions that lead to new ventures and adventures.


Join us on Tuesday 29th at Pier 01, mVentures HQ to learn and debate about one of the most hot topics in fintech : onboarding and identification.

As knowing your customer (KYC), privacy and identity protection becomes more important, we are constantly seeing new approaches to how consumers’ identifications are managed and delivered as parts of key economic activities – account opening, check-out, payments, critical services, immigration/border control etc.
Passwords and usernames are at the end of their life. Customers now want to access their accounts and pay for services in easier, safer ways, and it’s up to the businesses to facilitate this. In this meetup we will talk about:

• Evaluate how to improve payment authentication – what can be done to further ensure customers are paying safely and securely without being intrusive?

• Discuss the best way to keep the customer involved – the ability to give live information to customers in a secure and non-intrusive way, by means of mobile




Date: September 15th
Where: Roca Junyent HQ

Next Bank Barcelona Meetup about BAAP. The integration and delivery of financial services is changing as new channels, products and partnerships are being explored. Banking as a Platform (BaaP) is one of the alternatives. BaaP borrows from traditional financial services, morphing traditional solutions into innovative and vibrant communities. It is an opportunity to leverage communications technology advances to reconfigure today’s obsolete financial services system.



Date: June 16 th
Where: Transforma Barcelona

Next Bank Barcelona Meetup about encryption, security and trust for the banking and fintech sector. Will financial technology, the startup industry that relates directly to the sensitive subject of money, be at risk if public trust in security is shaken?